Friday, August 14, 2015


              Peak was a very good book about a boy named Peak who's dad is in charge of a expedition on Mount Everest. His dad decides to have Peak try to climb Mount Everest, too. If he does, he will be the youngest person ever to climb Everest, so he decides to do it. He takes a bus up to  the base camp. At the base camp, Peak meets a new friend named Sun-Jo who is 6 days older the Peak! Now Peak is angry at his dad because he thinks he might just be using him for his expedition. After Peak spends some time at some of the other camps,he decides that  he is going to try for the summit. So he is now on the  last ridge and he has 10 more feet left... 5 more feet left... but then he lets Sun-Jo get to the summit first, so Sun-Jo becomes the youngest person ever to summit Mount Everest, not Peak. 
-By Noah 
For Ages: 10+
You can check this book out at your local library, or get it here.

Sunday, July 26, 2015


Rory can't wait for her 12th birthday! As readers will figure out, she makes a list of all the things that she wants when she turns 12. It has all the things that her parents said she could get when she turned 12, so she made it into a big spreadsheet to give to her parents. As soon as she gets the first wish granted, everything turns upside down. One might say that she lost her brand new phone! Things start getting even worse when a special visitor comes to her school to shoot a movie, and she gets to be an extra! This story of growing up, will teach everyone, young and old, that rushing to grow up is never good. 
For Ages:11+
You can check this book out at your local library, or get it here.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Night Bird

Witches and curses and monsters oh my! This magical story written by Alice Hoffman is truly amazing! A curse was set on Twig's family by a witch  which causes a crazy secret. When the family secret keeps pulling Twig and her new friend Julia apart and keeps Julia's sister Agate from seeing Twig's brother, Twig, Julia and Agate try to "reverse the curse". Will they end up reversing the curse? Oh yeah, there is also a monster in there town. Who is it? What is the cause for the thefts and graffiti that it does? All these questions will be answered in this wonderful book! If you want to know, then read the book!
For Ages:10+
You can check this book out at your local library or get it here.

Dork Diaries-Tales From a Not-So-Happily Ever After

Fairy Tales are fun, aren't they? In this fairy tale, Nikki somehow travels into a Fairy Tale wonderland full of all of your favorite Fairy Tales, like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Cinderella, and the Wizard of Oz. Will she ever get home again? With the help of some "friends" and determination....well you will just have to read to find out!
For Ages:8+
You can check this book out at your local library or get it here.


Do you like stories that take place in the late 1800s? Well, then you should read Lyddie! It's a wonderful story about a girl who struggles to earn money to keep her family alive. She goes through a few jobs, but ends up making a living and going to collage. This exiting story will make you travel to Lyddie's era and be bewildered. 
For Ages:10+
You can check this book out at your local library or get it here.

Sunday, March 1, 2015


This story about determination will leave you hungry for more! You will hear the different events from different characters point of view. This adventurous and exiting story will definitely be one of your favorites! I really was one of mine!
For ages:9+
You can check this book out at your local library or get it here

The True Blue Scouts of Sugar Man Swamp

Even if you don't like animal stories, you will defiantly love this book! TI's about two raccoons named Bingo and J'miah. They are the newly promoted scouts of Sugar Man Swamp! It is their job to wake up the Sugar Man in case of an emergency. The question they have is, how? No one knows where the Sugar Man lives, and he is a very sound sleeper. When emergency comes, the scouts have to wake him up. Will they be able to save Sugar Man Swamp?
For ages:10+
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