Monday, February 23, 2015

Lassie Come-Home

I bet you won't ever know anyone who is a determined as Lassie. After getting sold by Sam Carraclough to the Duke, Lassie longs to be reunited with her beloved owners. Meeting new people was never a problem for Lassie and she got a lot of help from them. Will she ever get back home? This story will make you waiting to know what happens next! Besides, who doesn't love dogs?
For ages:10+
You can check this book  out at your local library or get it here.

Mighty Miss Malone

Life for the Malones get tricky when Deza's dad gets injured when fishing on Lake Michigan. Also when her brother, Jimmie leaves for Detroit to make some money for his family. Deza and her mother start to get used to living in Michigan, but when Deza leaves to find Jimmie, she finds herself in a crazy night club. When they finally get reunited, they all begin a search for their father. Will they ever find him again? If you like a book of exiting adventure that is based in the early 1900s, then you should definitely read this book!
For ages: 12+
Check this book out at your local library or get it here