Saturday, January 10, 2015

Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry

This story takes you back to 1912 to a town where the white people were disrespecting the black people.   Cassie Logan and her family live in Mississippi and refuse to shop at the Wallace store because of the Wallace's bad reputation of letting teenagers go there for bad reasons. The Logans team up with other families that feel the same way by shopping up in Strawberry. When Cassie's brother's friend gets into trouble, the Logans try to rescue him from the Wallaces. What will Cassie's dad do to try to save him? This story will make you realize what life was like in a small town in Mississippi in the early 1900s and make you mad about the way people are treated sometimes.  
For ages: 11+
Check this book out at your local library (or bookstore) or find it here

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